About Pastor Donnell Riggins

“My grandfather served as the pastor of two churches during his life and there are two things I knew very early in my life….that my grandparents loved Jesus….and that they loved me.” Pastor Riggins.

Growing up in Cleveland Ohio, as the grandson of a Pastor, Pastor Riggins knew two things very early in life. First, that his grandparents loved Jesus, and second, that they loved him. These two very special loves were significant in his decision to surrender his life to Jesus Christ at a young age.

Today his consuming passions are his relationship with the Lord, his wife, Natalie, and his children, Ms. Micah Sarai and Mr. Joshua Donnell. Finally, Pastor Riggins loves helping people discover the transforming power of God’s love through faith in Jesus Christ.

In 1996 God called Pastor Riggins to preach the gospel, and in 2001 he was called to be the Senior Pastor of Del Paso Union Baptist Church.

Prior to becoming the Pastor at Union Baptist, Pastor Riggins worked as an analyst, and a manager in the information technology industry for Electronic Data Systems Inc., and for the California State Legislature. He studied Business Administration at California State University, Sacramento, and Christian Leadership at Williams Jessup University. Pastor Riggins, has a passion for learning and continues to pursue theological and Christian leadership training through Golden Gate Seminary’s extension program.

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